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4 Recommendation Needed | "For Fun" Mahjong Group in Rockport

I am new to Rockport and just two years ago returned from living in South Korea three years as my husband worked there. While there I played the Chinese version of Mahjong using the marble tiles and utilizing a mirage of possible hands (with a cheat-sheet  with expat wives all over the world:). The "cheat-sheet" was comprised of hands from a from a popular book some bought on Amazon.com.
I would be interested in joining a local Mahjong group who plays "for fun." At this point and time I have not played keeping points, just played and learned new hands as time went along. I have a set of tiles as well as a set of 4 racks, if needed. 

Please let me know if there is such a group in Rockport and if there is room for one more novice player.

Thanks, Ruth Ann



There is a group that plays at the Allegro House on Monday nights at 5pm. Some of us are just learning and others help us out! It is just for fun, please join in!


Ruth Ann, I am teaching American Mah Jongg on Monday nights. We use the National Mah Jongg League card & rules. Call me at 361-727-2094 and I can give you more info.
Debbie Kahanek


There is a group that plays at Dairy Queen on Tues and Sat from 12 - 4 - it is a "just drop in" group - we always have room for one more.


We recently bought a vacation home on Key Allegro and I have heard that a good way to meet people is to play Mah Jongg. But, I don't know how. Could you give me more information on the class you are teaching?

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