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1 The World According to Bella | "A Survivor's Tale"

"If I thought the news last month from Dr. Ekholm was bad its nothing compared to what has happened since I last blogged. I have survived...
  • Separation issues while my owners were on vacation
  • A month long weight loss program
  • A move from my lake home to a new location
  • A two week stay at a dog sitter's home
  • Sharing a bedroom with a cat
  • Navigating the dog park twice a day
  • Fending off packs of dogs that surrounded me at the dog park
  • Sore limbs
But I am a survivor. I have recently weighed in at a trim 75 lbs. I am now in good shape and back to my usual routine. I am thankful. Bring on the food.

Love, Bella

PS. This photo shows the gift Mr. C and Mrs. S brought me from their trip. Happy Thanksgiving!

(Sue Ready)

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A Survivors "Tale" or "Tail"? he he...Thanks for writing these Sue! So cute!!

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