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0 Book Recommendation by Barbara Gurtner | "Thin Slice of Life" by Miles Arceneaux

Quick Summary: A wayward Texan comes home to find himself propelled on a dangerous ride through murder, lust, betrayal, and big-league crime in pursuit of his brother’s killers.

Genre: Mystery
How did you come across this book: Maritime Museum

"One of the most entertaining books I’ve read in ages, this book has already won awards and the accolades of mystery writers and readers. As Brent Douglass said, “It’s a cross somewhere between James Lee Burke and Carl Hiaasen.” Better still it’s set in Rockport, Texas in 1979, filled with the tangy language of that time, written so descriptively that you can smell the ocean and feel the wind. Rockportians will love it for all the inside stories and cameos of people they may know. Folks that have never been to Rockport will purely enjoy the storytelling.

Miles Arceneaux knows the Texas Gulf Coast. In fact Miles started writing this story in the 1970’s as a wordsmithing, story-telling challenge while staying in Rockport. The inside scoop...Miles Arceneaux is actually three friends from Rockport, Louisiana and the Texas Panhandle who went to school together and have spent a lot of time in Rockport fishing and writing. The book is seamless as it reveals the adventures of our hero, Charlie Sweetwater along with a cast of characters that get right up next to you.

Thin Slice of Life can be purchased locally at the Texas Maritime Museum Gift Shop along with other shops in Rockport.

Bring on the next adventure Miles, aka Brent Douglass John T. Davis and James R. Dennis! (I’ve heard the second book is heading for the publishers.)"

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