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4 Recommendation Needed | Firewood

I need to find a place to buy small logs and/or untreated lumber to burn in new outside fire pit. Does anyone know of a place in Rockport or Aransas Pass?  Thanks, J
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We have pickup truck load to give away. You have to come and get it at our home in Rockport. Call Pat at 3615571910


my 16 year old sells wood for extra money. 5 bundles of mesquite for $25 361-729-2973


Posted on 12/20/2012 that we have free fire wood, it is cut in small pieces for firepit. Never got a call at my cell number. Our home number is 3617279892.


Thanks to all of you for answering my plea for firewood...our children gave my husband two huge trunks of firewood cut for Christmas and no where to store it. But maybe someone else has a fire pit they could use the fire wood on.J

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