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"For many years now, I have suffered with digestion problems...pain, cramping, bloating...all the 'not-so-pleasant' things associated with digestive issues. I have been tested for all the 'typical' causes--Chrons, Celiac Disease, had ultrasounds, allergy tested, and more--but everything has been normal. So at my wits end, I have decided to try going Gluten free. After some reading, I have been very interested to discover that much of the wheat we consume now-a-days is a genetically altered version of the grain our grandparents ate--what many refer to as a "GMO" grain or simply: "Genetically Modified Food."
I'm still doing my own research... But I was curious if anyone has had any experiences with going Gluten free, and if so what that experience was... And if you have any yummy *Gluten free recipes to share (Click Here to share a recipe--*Be sure to note it's Gluten Free in the form). Happy New Year and Thanks, Ruthie
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  1. Kinetic Movement Center is fundraising for a new studio and has a cookbook for sale with many gluten free recipes. Call 729-4315. I think Coastal Bend Health Foods on Austin St. also has copies for sale ($10).

  2. Ruthie, I have lots of GF recipes, ideas and ingredients. Feel free to stop by the store for a chat. Coastal Bend Health Foods 111 N. Austin St & I do have the Kinetic Cookbooks! Good Luck!

  3. Anonymous1/03/2013

    I am allergic to gluten. The best cookbooks can be found on Amazon. com. Sprouts in Corpus has the best selection of mixes. Whole Foods in San Antonio has many things we don't have here. Gluten Free--Quick and Easy by Carol Fenster is my favorite cookbook. I obtained it from Amazon. You will probably have to make your own bread, and a bread machine is a must. The best mixes for bread and cakes are King Arthur. I local HEB doesn't carry them but again Amazon does.You might check the Corpus HEB"s as some Heb's do carry them. Good luck.

    1. Ruthie1/06/2013

      Thanks for everyone's suggestions...I'm having the hardest time with bread! I really love bread. I tried a few different mixes, but they have all been sort of like rocks...One my gluten free friends said she no longer eats sandwiches because the gluten free bread just doesn't have the same consistency....that kinda made me sad...

      Bread machine, you say....maybe that could help. Do you have a favorite brand? Thanks everyone!!! - Ruthie

  4. Julie Knipling1/03/2013

    I have celiac so I am gluten free. I do like Udy's bread that HEB has in the frozen section. I'd be glad to answer any questions!

  5. Ruthie1/03/2013

    Thank you all for your recommendations! ...How long before you felt a difference in your symptoms/problems? I have heard anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to 3 months. Thanks! Ruthie

  6. Debbie Baxter1/10/2013

    The best GF bread is Udi's white sandwich bread. I find that it holds up better if you toast it. Yes, it is sad to give up the breads that we've loved but so worth it to be symptom free and feel better!


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