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1 The World According to Bella | "Crossed Off"

"My stocking has been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa will visit me soon. But sadly, I am not too hopeful since lately I've been bad. I am probably crossed off Santa' good list by now. I guess my voracious appetite finally got the best of me. But to be fair Mrs. S is partly to blame. After all, why would she leave out such tempting treats unattended? Here's how it all went down. At least this is what I could make of the story in between her screams.

Mrs. S had spent a bit of time making party favors for a luncheon. Inside each small Christmas paper was stapled a small plastic bag filled with seven foil wrapped Hershey Kisses. She had put the twenty-four party favors in a grocery bag in the back room, but forgot to close the door. That was her first mistake. Mrs. S left the house. That was her second mistake.

The smell of chocolate went right to my nose. It was at that point I lost control. I just couldn't help myself and stop at just one. I had to devour more.

I heard the screams just when Mrs. S came through the door. Apparently she had noticed the trail of torn party favors, plastic wrappers and foil pieces scattered all the way down the hallway. I dove for safety under the dining room table. Perhaps I did get a bit carried away. Seems that I left Mrs. S with only seven good ones. Yes,you read that correctly. I ate seventeen little plastic bags each filled with seven foil wrapped Hershey Kisses inside. Do the math. But really I think Mrs. S should sorta be happy. At least I didn't eat them all. She did have seven good ones to use.

You probably have guessed what happened next. I spent the next several days rather sick in bed.
Time is running out. With only days left till Santa's arrival I NEED HELP.  I really want to be on Santa's good list. Any good ideas what I can do?

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Love, Bella
(Sue Ready)

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Oh, Bella! Sometimes we just can't help our selves! Give her your best "I'm sorry" look with puppy dog eyes. I'm sure that will melt her heart!! Merry Christmas!

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