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3 Roving Reporter | Thefts Reported in Rockport-Fulton

"Neighbors in the Country Club are talking a rash of burglaries that seem to be increasing. Several stories are about a burglar who enters homes at night and steals cash. The homes I heard about backed onto the golf course and the person spotted didn't run away, just walked casually back onto the golf course. But it's not limited to the Country Club, nor to nighttime. Homes have reportedly been robbed in other parts of town, jewelry taken too.

Please be alert, keep your doors and windows locked, your alarms on, and call the 911 if you notice anything irregular at your home or in your neighborhood. Keep vehicles locked. Don't leave your garage doors open. Keep your cell phones near you all the time.

Meet and visit your neighbors, watch out for each other. Sometimes it's good to be a nosy neighbor."

- Barbara Gurtner



is the paper reporting this?


Unless it's a car crash, probably not. I get most of my local news from the Wonderful Women's Network anyways.


Should we put it on WWN FB EML our friends & let friends & family know & just put out the word @ at our Business.What about our 'Neighbor-Hood Watch' for each of our subdivisions getting together? Do we still have signs in place like we had before? I haven't noticed.I know -a lot of questions but that is how the word gets out by 'word of mouth'. Just FYI.Let's KEEP this visible to all.

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