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0 Book Recommendation | "Hannah and Molly" by Jeanne Schiller Brenz

"The book is a semi-autographical children's book written to help cancer patients deal with their circumstances. Brenz tells the story of a girl, Hannah, who battles cancer but overcomes adversity through music and a pet named Molly.  I am recommending it for families with young children who are facing hardships or uncertainty." Jeanne Schiller Brenz

About the Author: Jeanne Schiller Brenz has a master's in education and is a twenty-two-year survivor of ovarian cancer. She produced "Singing Angels," which is a compilation of music whose proceeds fund college scholarships for children with cancer. Jeanne and her family
live on the Texas Gulf coast where she is working on her third CD. Hannnah and Molly is her first children's book.

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