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1 Book Recommendation | "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power" by Jon Meacham | by Melody R.

Jefferson comes alive as not only the politician and great statesman, but also the husband, the father and the grandfather. Meacham blends facts with prose and manages to paint a picture of an American who isn't too different from the rest of us.

I listened to the audio version and was totally absorbed in the day to day events at Monticello, France and Washington, DC. Having grown up in DC, the description of the city during the late 1700s was very interesting. Capitol Hill was tree covered and full of game. It's difficult to imagine when today the streets of DC are wide and spacious. The biography was very engaging and I would recommend it to anyone interested in American history. - Melody R.

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Wow this sounds great. I'm pretty interested in American history as well....Amazing how much things have changes in a relatively short amount of time. Thanks for sharing this! - Ester

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