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Italian Beauty Seeks Loving Home
"Tony has reported that although she likes all of her new family, she is HIS Princess and goes everywhere with him." YAY!!
"Dog This week, we are featuring Bella, a small female Shepherd mix with a huge heart. But, let me have her tell her story to you. Note that some things must be taken with a grain of salt, our translator is a little rust on her Italian, and we have a feeling that Bella may exaggerate some of her conquests. Ciao mi amiche, my name is Bella and as you can see, my face lives up to the translation. I am beautiful (and modest, I might add).

I think that it’s a combination of my German and Italian heritage that has given me this magnificent smile, laidback temperament, and love of all things shiny. There’s a definite shepherd in my coloring, however, I’m convinced that somewhere back there, a Bolognese or Spinone Italiano was introduced to the bloodline. You see, with all of the men that have passed through my pen (and there have been a few), there has not been a single one who has not fallen hopelessly in love. See? Italian through and through. I have enough good breeding to walk well on a leash, dance the Moresca or Furlana (my favorite), and generally have impeccable manners. I have reached an age (6-7) where any woman can tell you, that it’s more important to behave like a lady than prove that you’re not. Think you may be interested in bringing some amore into your home? Please come on down and introduce yourself. I’ll be the one inspecting the newest shipment of mozzarella."

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