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3 Pet Adoption | Gentleman "Jack" Needs a Wonderful Woman or Man to Love!

Adopt Me! "A name like Jack implies a plain, simple, straightforward kinda guy, and that’s exactly what I am. Technically, I’m what you would call a bird dog, however, being untested in that area, my answer is: “What’s a bird?” Who knows, instinct may kick in when the rifle goes up. Stranger things have happened. I’m thinking (yes, I’m that smart), more on the lines of my master and I on a front porch, sharing a rocking chair, watching the Herons and Whistlers fly by over Little Bay.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my dream job is to be a docent at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction Tennessee. Just imagine, me, surrounded by all that beautiful art, sculptures and paintings. I have terrific eye and could definitely pick out some winning art. It’s not just fine art that catches my eye, the ladies think I’m something special too and I’ve got a couple of sweet little pigeons waiting in the wings for me. It’s just too bad that the vet decided that I’d had enough time to sow my wild oats.

Not an old dog by any means, only about 5 or 6, so I’d be up for learning new tricks. Maybe tricks like: “it’s dinner time, come and eat” or “get off the couch boy, let’s go for a walk” or even “come on Jack, it’s time for bed”. Please come out to the shelter and see if I’m the one that you can teach all about what it means to have a kind, loving family."

Adopt Me!



I love dogs and I would be happy to add Jack to our family. Is he still available for adoption? He's really cute.


We alerted the folks at the Humane Society about your question...Hold tight, while we get a response. *fingers crossed* :)


Yes Pippa, Jack is still with us, he is a sweet, sweet dog. He can be seen out at the shelter: 1308 Myrtle St. in Fulton. Our hours are 9-12 Mon-Sat, however, a volunteer can meet with you if those times don't work out for you. Check our web site: to download the application for adoption. Best of luck - I can't wait to see your family completed with the addition of our Gentleman Jack.

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