Roving Reporter | "I've Been Scammed!" by Barbara Gurtner

"Ladies, I’ve been scammed to the tune of $99.95 and I am not happy. I thought I was a savvy buyer, I thought I could read the terms of agreement, all the tiny print AND understand it. But I was wrong.

I fell for the ad that said “Dr. Oz recommends…”. It was for a FREE sample, only $4.95 Shipping and Handling. It was a two-fer from KollagenIntensive Natural Health Source and Giavonie.
This is the ad about the Texas woman who discovered alternating these two products improved her skin-tone. So now that I’m losing skin-tone that claim piqued my interest.

I sent off for the products. I haven’t yet started this ‘miracle program’ when I receive another box in the mail from Kollagen Discount Home Delivery Program. I didn’t order anything, or so I thought. I received an email from ‘Noreply’ titled "Your Kollagen Intensiv Home Delivery Order Has Been Sent." When I clicked on the link, it showed my trial order for $4.95. I get another trial package—how odd? I pulled up my credit card account to see a lovely charge for $99.95 which is a little above $4.95.

Dialed the toll free number for the Kollagen company. The automated phone system answers “Thank you for calling Monthly Shipment Program. If you are calling to cancel you membership you will be given a cancellation number so have pen and paper ready.” That sounds like a few folks have had problems and called this number before.

I talked to live person who was polite. When I told her I was sending the unopened package back, first because I didn’t order it and second because I didn’t want to pay a $100 for it, she told me not to do that because I would not get a refund. “Tell me more,” said I.

It seems that in checking a box agreeing to receive the “FREE” trial sample, I had also agreed to receive product every two months at a discounted rate of $99.95. Oh, she led me through the website where it said all the things she told me, except it said $45.98 per month (which is $99.95 for two months supply), plus she told me again that I wouldn’t be refunded my money, only future shipments would be stopped. And if I ever wanted to order the product again I would have to pay full price and order it individually.

Excuse me!

I asked to speak to a supervisor, who I was told was not available and who would not refund my money either, since I had checked the box and agreed to the home delivery. I told her I would pursue other avenues.

So instead I am telling you, WWN: DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM:
This is marketing of the worst sort. If the product is good you do not have to be subversive. People will want to purchase it. Wish I had taken the time to go to I would have found that I’m not the first person who ‘overlooked’ the automatic charges and shipments.

I then contacted Giavonie who makes the alternating product. They had not shipped me additional product, although it was also set up for delivery, and they offered to take back the product they had previously sent and refund my money. Nice.

Feeling taken but breathing easier,
Barbara Gurtner


Anonymous said…
I, too, encountered this. I am notified when any charges come through my credit card account. I immediately contested the charge so did not have to pay.
Anonymous said…
Ms. Barb, Thanks for sharing your experience!!! Good to know about the scams affecting so many. Always thought you could contest the charge on your credit card and get the charge reversed within a certain amount of time especially if you have been dupped!!!! This company is saying you in essence "signed" a contract. I don't know if it is only in Michigan but there you had "THREE DAYS" in which to cancel ANY contract for any reason. I used that cancellation policy alot when I had succumbed to overzealous sales people in my younger days....Always keep a copy of your written cancellation request and mail via 'certificate of mailing' which used to only be about fifty cents at the Post Office. You fill out a little white sheet with your name and address and where you are sending the cancellation request. Keep for records and post office mails the envelope with your cancellation request letter. This is good in case they say you never cancelled. The 'certificate of mailing' is good for many other situations and is cheaper than doing a certified mailing where the place you are sending to can refuse to pick up the package or letter at the postoffice.

I hope you can still get the charge removed from your credit card considering the situation. Thanks again for sharing and for this wonderful newsletter!! Dee Ytreeide
Anonymous said…
I actually had this happen to me with Orbitz (don't use them if you do). They said I clicked a reoccurring payment option, that of course I didn't recall it at all...and the $10 that came out of my account for a whole year wasn't even paying Orbitz, it went to another company!! Anyways, I contested it with about 5 phone calls, and finally they gave me back my money. So obnoxious!!
WWN said…
Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and comments!

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