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1 Chelsea, Run like Someone Left the Gate Open | Humane Society & Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton

"It is sad news that I have to pass on today; one of our senior dogs has passed on to that great meadow with no gates. Our Chelsea slipped away quietly in her sleep after a day full of extra loving. She took an extra-long walk with a couple of friends and gave some others of us some extra requests for hugs, ear scratches and head rubs. Looking back at Wednesday, she was saying her goodbyes.

Chelsea came to us as a puppy with her brother Harley about 13 years ago. They had been adopted out after about a year, but unfortunate circumstances brought them back to us. Harley found his forever home a couple of years ago, but Chelsea was meant to stay and keep staff and volunteers company.

With her ever wagging tail and head nudge, she was a most gentle and sweet dog, nondiscriminatory in her affections – she wanted everyone to know just how wonderful doggie-love could be.

Chelsea spent her last few years as an office dog, hanging out around the desk, greeting all who came around. Since we moved into the new building, her bed was soft, comfy and right next to the water bowl. And Duke kept her company at night – he’s not taking this too well, he’s been wandering around looking for his buddy. Take heart big guy, Chelsea is making a whole bunch of new friends in heaven.

We all miss you, and are so grateful for the lesson you gave us, that even when circumstances are not ideal, it’s still possible to be happy. So run Chelsea, run like someone left the gate open."

- Humane Society & Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton

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I'm truly sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved animal can be as painful as losing a human member of the family. Thank you for all you do for these animals!

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