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1 Community News: The Fulton Learning Center 4th and 5th Grade Classes are at War!

Pictured: Lara Garner & 4th Graders from 
Mrs. Garcia’s class
The Fulton Learning Center 4th and 5th grade classes are at war! Penny War that is! They are competing to see who can earn the most points in a Penny War to aid the restoration of Fulton Mansion. The students are taking this war seriously and based on the contents of the containers, the grade levels have equally ‘bombed’ each other.

Lara Garner, Educator and Programs Specialist, Fulton Mansion S.H.S, visited the fourth grade classes earlier in January to give a presentation on the Republic of Texas. During her talk, she informed students about the Mansion closing for a year for a restoration project. The students were not happy about the closing, but asked what they could do to help to get Fulton Mansion back in shape. So, the Penny War was initiated.

"This school is really special to us because it was named after Mr. Fulton. His picture hangs in the front of the school, as does a poster of the Mansion," said Lara Garner."We are so appreciative and proud of their [the students] efforts! Thank you so much!"

This wonderful effort is a tribute to our local students’ generosity to see them joining forces to save a historical landmark in our community! Start saving your pennies...YOU can donate too! Donate any amount directly to the Fulton Mansion's restoration efforts by clicking here.  Help save this historic landmark!
UPDATE: 4th grade won! Their prize will be ice cream at lunch from Mayor of Fulton Jimmy Kendrick and an engraved brick in our garden area in front of the Education and History Center to commemorate their special gift. Congratulations!

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Way to go, ya'll! We are very proud of you! Keep up the great work. And be sure to let us know who wins the "war."

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