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3 Pay it Forward Strikes Again | Fran Powers

"I really have to tell you all an amazing story. My daughter and grandsons and loving hubby took me to the Pelican Cub – Beulah’s in Port A for dinner this evening (2/17) for my birthday. We had a great time and a great meal and talking with the grandsons about what was happening in school and in their lives. I have to say they are really well behaved in restaurant manners and have to credit to my daughter for this.

As we were finishing our meal an older gentleman stopped at our table and embraced number 1 grandson and told him to enjoy his time with his grandparents and pay attention to them as they wouldn’t be around all the time. We thought nothing of it and said thank you and wished them well.

The waitress brought our bill and told us we owed nothing!!! – the gentleman who had stopped and spoken to Christopher had paid our bill and all we owed was the tip to the waitress. He paid it forward. This was an extremely large and generous gift.

We were speechless, stunned and absolutely amazed at this act of generosity. We have heard of it happening to others but never thought it would ever happen to us. We were totally dumbfounded and don’t think we spoke a word all the way home thinking about it and tried to explained to the grandsons what happened. I mean we were really dumbstruck – it really is an amazing act of generosity and giving.

So guys I think we have to pay it forward. So the challenge is to do it. It might not have be as grand a gesture as what we received but just do."  - Fran Powers



What a wonderful story, Fran, and a good reminder to live by the golden rule. Thanks for sharing this.


Thank you for sharing this story. One of the most wonderful things about paying it forward is truely the gift is to ourselves when we can make someone elses day a little better, brighter and blessed. When it comes from the heart it is contagious. I honestly can not think of one book or movie that has changed my so profoundly in the best of ways as watching the movie. There is a whole movement of souls that choose to live their lives this way and it is such a blessing to hear stories such as yours.


Great story, the world is full of unselfish caring folks!

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