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0 Pet Adoption | Nascar Lovin' Dog Needs an Energetic, Loving Home!

Adopt Me! Hi there, my name is Dingo and before I get started telling y’all about myself, I’d like to know if anyone might know Danika Patrick. If at all possible, I would really like to ask for her hand in marriage. You see, I have the need for speed and an eye for beauty. The way that I kiss and run, replacing Ricky would not be a problem. Being adopted by her would be paradise on earth for me. If that scenario isn’t possible, someone with a really cool Chevy SS might work.

I’m a rough and ready kinda guy willing to pitch in with most any job, especially one that would take me out of the house. My energy level is pretty high, but as I said, I can really appreciate a pretty face that needs a kind, loving, sloppy kiss every once in a while.

I don’t want you to think that I am just a motor head though, I’m really smart. My friend Tom and I have gone on bike rides, and I have to tell you, I did better than he did. I got the hang of not pulling that leash in no time flat, while he had a little trouble with those two wheels. But once the two of us got coordinated, we were off like the wind.

So come on, I know there’s someone out there with a hot car and a pretty wife that really needs a cool dude like me to complete their family.

Adopt Me!

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