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5 Pet Adoption | Softy "Pebbles" Needs A Wonderful Woman or Man to Love!

ADOPTED! ..and now she has a whole family to love!
 "Hello, my name is Pebbles and the first thing I’d like you to know about me is that I am nothing like that little princess on the Flintstones.



Pebbles was adopted today! Her new family fell in love-at-first-sight here and came down today to take her to her furever home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Thats us! We adopted this sweetie and she's adapting well to her new home...and gives lots of kisses! Haha Thanks so much to the humane society for all their help with the adoption! This is the second time I've adopted there and we couldn't be happier!!


Kacie, you are bringing tears to my eyes. Pebbles is near & dear to my heart - so very happy that she's making your family complete. Please feel free to post "Happy Home" pictures on our FB page. We LOVE to share good news! ;)


That's awesome Kacie Leah Mahlmann -- Thanks for giving this little pup a second chance!!


Wow this is fantastic news!! THANK YOU WWN for all you do for the community! AND these tiny angels!

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