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5 Recommendation Needed | Local Bikini Waxer

I know this might be a little embarrassing to talk about, but considering this is a beach town, certainly someone knows of a good place...My husband and I are about to go on a long beach vacation, and I'd like to get a bikini wax before we go. Can someone recommend a spa or hairdresser in the area who offers professional, clean, bikini waxing.....also, am I crazy? Does it hurt a lot? Thanks for your help in advance! - "Jennifer"



Hi Jennifer,

When is your vacation dear? I can answer all of your waxing questions and needs.



Thank you. What is your business?


Shaunna Rios at The Strand 361-463-5070- THE BEST!!!


Thanks Alissa! I'll be sure to check it out!


Call Ashley at 619-952-0401. She works at Ageless Salon in Fulton. Great work & great prices!!!!

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