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0 Rest in Peace | Cam Leonard

Leonard generously donated funds
to purchase a piece for the RCA
Sculpture Garden, 2009
Cam Leonard (1923-2013) was and will remain a major influence on the history of the Rockport Art Association. Leonard was President of the Board of Directors for Rockport Center for the Arts from 1981-84, filling the shoes of the late Estelle Stair who was his predecessor. He was president when the Bruhl-O'Connor home was donated and became the new location for the Art Association, where it remains on Navigation Circle as the Art Center's headquarters today.

Leonard was also a major force in the development of the Art Center's Sculpture Garden, as well as being an early patron of the work of Jesus Moroles. In 2009, Leonard donated Charles Umlauf's "Uccelli" to the Art Center Sculpture Garden from his personal collection, and Moroles constructed the base. It is placed across from the memorial bench dedicated to his late wife Virginia.

The Art Center wishes to express our condolences to the Leonard family and our appreciation for his friendship and support of the Art Center for so many years. He will be long remembered and missed!

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