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1 Rockport City Council Meeting | Wrap-Up

Rockport City Council met last night and two of the items on the agenda concerned the removal of the Chinese Tallow trees from City Property at Tule Creek West. The Council and speakers from the audience made many good points especially Dr. Earl Matthew, president of Aransas First and Ginger Easton Smith, our local AgriLife Extension agent. From Dr. Matthew we heard that there were indeed plans for new growth. The moratorium of 5 years was felt to be too long to study the problem which would increase in the mean time.

The two items, the moratorium and the action to remove the trees, were tabled for more discussion which will take place in a workshop in a few weeks and where definitive plans for removal of the tallows and land management for native growth will be looked at.

Yes, I’m still in favor of removing the Chinese Tallows, particularly after last night’s discussion. I think there can be a win-win for those who want the buffer of trees and the removal of invasive growth from what I heard.

Also, those of you who left early missed out on a number of interesting items. Always good to sit in on your City Council meetings and learn what’s happening at home.

- Barbara Gurtner

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I was very impressed with the professional conduct of the mayor and civility of the speakers. You all set a great example of local government at work for my 5-year-old. Thank you. I really wanted to hear more about the community but she was getting restless.

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