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0 Tech News: Google Releases "Google Glass"

Thought wearable technology was limited to clip-on iPods and smart wrist-watches? Think again! Google just unveiled a new product: augmented reality glasses--that house the search engine (and much much more) right inside the lens! Check out this link that showcases "Google Glass"'s capabilities! www.google.com/glass/start

The price: $1,500, plus tax...little less than the cost of a new laptop...Not that bad, when you think of how new this technology is and all that it seems to do. Think of all the possibilities!--helping children learn, aiding folks learning new languages, travel help, day-to-day consumer aide, business assistance and much more! Google is starting off slow, allowing people to apply for a beta pair. If you're interested in "Project Glass" you can apply to receive a pair! Hurry though deadline is Feb 27, 2013!

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