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0 The World According to Bella | "Busted Again"

"It took me less than 24 hours at the lake to get into trouble again. I was really fine with it all but Mr. C and Mrs. S were rather embarrassed. Really, it wasn't exactly my fault.

As you can see from the picture the snow banks are getting challenging for me. And once over the banks into the yard all the snow slows down my leaping, bounding and exploring. By the end of the day I am starving. If only they'd up my daily food ration, I might not have gotten into trouble.

Mr. C and I went next door to visit our neighbor. While they were yakking I sniffed something familiar. I recognized a distinctive fish smell. And it was close by. I was off in a flash in search of fish. I did not have to go far.

Mr. C headed back home. He started yelling at me when he saw me wrestling a plastic bag in the driveway. But I was quick and polished off two nicely cleaned fish fillets before he could even get to me. At least I was smart this time and did NOT eat the plastic bag. Next thing I know our neighbor comes over concerned his fish fillets are missing. I was guilty as charged. My tail was between my legs. Guess I was busted.

Now I ask you, how was I supposed to know he had cleaned his fish,put them in a snow bank to chill, while he fired up his grill? You'd think he'd use a refrigerator like we do. Leaving fish out in snow bank was just too tempting for me to pass up.

Lucky for me and my neighbor that Mrs. S came to the rescue. She had just made a batch of her famous Chicken Noodle Soup. He got a dinner but my dinner was better and I was off the hook."

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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