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2 "All Good Things Must Come To An End" | The World According to Bella

As you can see from the photo my dog sitter did not exactly follow Mrs. S’s instructions: It's a NO- NO to get up on the bed.

While Mr. C and Mrs. S were on vacation I was in dog heaven. Next to food what could be better than hanging out with my buddy Mulligan, chasing their cat and going to the dog park twice a day. But I may have over extended my welcome this time with the garbage incident two days before I was to leave. 

My dog sitter and her family had left for a dinner out. Mulligan was resting comfortably but snoring so loudly I just could not sleep. The lingering smell of bacon in the air made my tummy growl with constant hunger pains.

Finally I could not stand it one bit longer. I did the unthinkable and lost all self-control. I ran downstairs followed the bacon smell right to their garbage can. Just as I was about to tip the can I accidentally hit the foot pedal. VIOLA!! The top flipped opened all by itself and there was the bacon packet right on top. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. The leftover bacon grease was wrapped in tinfoil and then in a plastic bag. As you all know I have had previous experiences getting into plastic bags. Remember the Hershey kisses plastic bag incident at Christmas and the fish fillets bagged in plastic bags I found at the lake in a snow bank? I was clever and managed to get the foil wrapped bacon grease packet out of the plastic bag. This time I skipped eating the plastic bag but ate the leftover bacon grease foil packet and all. Gosh, it was so good! 

When my dog sitter’s family came home I was fast asleep. No one had suspected my kitchen garbage raid until they saw the plastic bag on the floor. I was scolded but didn't care my tummy was full. During the night I got really, really sick. My dog sitter spent many hours cleaning up after me. I think they were really happy to see me leave when Mr. C came to pick me up. This time around I might not have been the perfect house guest. 

I had a great time at Mulligan’s house. I will miss lying on the bed with Mulligan and the dog sitter. I really did like all her shows especially the ones about food. It is unlikely Mrs. S and Mr. C will ever invite me up on their bed or give me a pillow and two extra blankets for my doggie bed.
Love, Bella
(Sue Ready)



Absolutely LOVE this column. You really should compile a book!


Yes, Bella is thinking about writing her memoirs :)
Bella thanks you for your comments.

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