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0 Book Recommendation | "The Ranch That Was Us" by Becky Crouch Patterson | by Sherrill Elizondo

The author is the daughter of a Texas hill country legend, Hondo Crouch. She weaves an insightful tale of the many generations of her family who pioneered and ranched in the hill country. The strength of her characters, especially some of the women, is detailed in anecdotes and memories. 

Summary: "The Ranch That Was Us" gives a personal historical account of a family who, in my opinion, may have acquired much land but were very hard working and hardly could be described as landed gentry in the state of Texas. The hardships and the rewards of ranch life are chronicled beautifully by the author. If you are a native Texan, you probably will like this book very much. If you are not, the book explores a world of endurance and dedication required of people who ranched in the early years of Texas. The first sentence of the first chapter sets the tone for the book: "Mama was a handful."

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