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2 Recommendation Needed | Fabric Guard

I have used Scotchguard stain guard on furniture and upholstery over the years with mixed results. I recently took up quilt making, and I was curious if anyone has used Scotchguard on sewn items like quilts, blankets, etc. Specifically I'm worried it will change the feel of the work, and also change the color, so I am looking for the best stain guard I can find. Can anyone recommend a stain guard product? I'd love to know what experiences others have had with this type of product. Do any come recommended higher than others? Thanks in advance, Shannon



Try Fiber-Seal. It's a professional product that seals and protects. Check it out at or contact Hogie Lewis at (210) 823-4786. He's out of San Antonio, but comes to Rockport frequently and will come to your house.


Wouldn't you use it after the project was finished and washed? Then there would be no risk of it changing the feel or the sewing qualities of the fabric.

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