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2 Roving Reporter | "1st 4-H Horse Project & Equine Program for Aransas Co." by Vittoria Corda

Today marks the start of the first ever 4-H Horse Project & Equine Program in Aransas County! With the completion of our 1st Meeting youth & families are now being presented with opportunities & activities to become well rounded horsemen that understand equine behavior, care & safety; thereby becoming skilled in horse husbandry & horsemanship.

Vittoria Corda & Kerri Mitchell will be leading a comprehensive curriculum that is science based & hands-on, emphasizing animal welfare & utilizing all local & regional resources. Through this budding program members can expect to experience equine in an array of ways, being exposed to the breadth of the industry, through education, recreation, & competition. The community looks forward to the growth of this program and the success of its members!



My daughter participated in the Aransas County 4-H Horse Club from 1998 to 2005. She gained confidence and broadened her horizons from the experience. We learned together how to care for horses, trailer them safely and cope in competitive, crowded and exciting environments.

I did not realize the club had become defunct since then. For a while there, I thought there would be no more horses around here as many of my friends have given them up. I am glad to see a resurgence of the interest in horses in this area. I don't feel so alone!



Ernie Edmonson saw your comment and helped to remind me that there in fact had been a horse club organized. It's lovely that yall shared that experience together through 4-H. We're definitely bringing horses and horse interaction back to Rockport. I would love for you meet some other the other wonderful adults I'm working with to develop to program; everyone is very excited to do some horsing around and getting the kids and families together!

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