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5 Recommendations Needed | Remodeling

I would greatly appreciate recommendations (from personal experience, please, not just friends or family) for the following:
1. A good plumbing company - besides current minor needs, they should be able to install new plumbing for new addition (kitchen, bath, including jacuzzi, etc.)
2. Someone who can refinish furniture items including painting and antiquing.
3. An experienced appliance service person or company. Currently need refrigerator and ice maker repair.
4. Finally, I'm also looking for someone to clean & maintain a hot tub/spa on a regular basis.
Thanks! - Bunny



We used Superior Plumbing @ 361-935-3787 he does not advertise only uses word of mouth referrals and does Excellent work. He did our remodel and we highly recommmend him.


Thank you Anony ~ I will certainly check him out.
Did you have a jacuzzi installed? I understand it's pretty complicated...
Any suggestions on the other needs (especially a painter)to paint a mantel, bookcases and a couple of pieces of furniture.

Thanks again,


I use Sigwald Services for repairing all my appliances as well as air conditioning.


I called Sigwald Services for the freezer/icemaker problem and they did a great job. Very happy with their service.

Still need a furniture refinisher/painter; and someone to maintain my outdoor spa. Thanks



We added a page for Sigwald's if any of you folks would like to leave them some 'official' kudos on their own page. *JUST CLICK THE "WWN" ABOVE* Thanks for participating in the discussion! :)

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