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0 Roving Reporter | Collecting "Art" | A collaboration between resident artists Judith Lang, Richard Selby & Art Center members

Workshop goers take a trip with artist Judith Lang (visiting artist) to St. Joseph's island to collect plastic and other objects that will be made into a large-scale installation at the Rockport Center for the Arts.

A dozen art center members collected 2 truck loads of trash from the island, and hauled it back to the art center to sort. Participants found items like hard hats, abandoned buoys, bottles, dolls, laundry baskets, shoes and much more.

Come see what they collected this Saturday at the art center from 4:30-7pm (Gallery talk at 4:30pm)! (photos courtesy of John Aasp)
A little time was taken out to enjoy the wildlife...a horned toad!

L to R: Pamela Fulcher, Shela Rogers, Genie Mysorski, Veronica Koenig and Susan Wax

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