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0 The World According to Bella | "Play-Dates Can Be Exhausting"

Sadie and Bella
"My weekend play-date at the lake with Sadie left me exhausted. I missed all my nap times. Both of us crashed just like those waves of ice that finally came off the lake. This morning there was a note beside my food dish. The list went on and on with things like...

Share everything
Play fair
Don't Take Things That Aren't Yours
Say You're Sorry When You Hurt Somebody
Put Things Back Where You Found Them

Apparently Mrs. S must think I need a few reminders on how to behave after yesterday’s episode. I heard her say that these things on the list came from a guy who wrote a bunch of lessons on how the world would be improved if people/animals followed the same rules as children learned in kindergarten.
Let me just go on the record and say…

How would you like all your toys scattered about and then get blamed for the mess? And it annoyed me when Sadie kept drinking the water from my bowl!

I had my chance to get even when Mr. C gave Sadie and me each a rawhide bone. Sadie was tethered and I was not. She dropped her bone and I was quick. I snatched it up and ran off. I quickly dug a hole behind the garage, buried the bone saving it for later. Sadie seemed confused and surprised as she looked all around for her bone. I managed to ignore her whining while I munched on mine.
But sadly, I was "busted" when Mr. C realized what I had done. He made me miss a campfire and I had to stay inside. And I so love s’mores and laying by the fire. I went to my usual napping place at the foot of the stairs, but all I could think about was the other rawhide bone that got a way. Sometimes life does not seem fair."
(Sue Ready)

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