"Freedom Within" by Kimmi Moake

There's lots going on around here for July 4th. Copious amounts of people flock to our cooler climate (yes, it's cooler here than the big cities), refreshing waters to fish, swim, lounge, visit with friends and family and of course the good ole American pastime of GRILLING!! We celebrate our patriotism by doing what Americans do: eat, drink and be merry! People get disappointed when I tell them what my 4th of July tradition has been going on 10 years now.

I leave town. Yep, I haven't seen an Art Festival since I moved here. Would I want to see the Art Fest? Of course! Would I want to hang with my friends and family? You betcha! But what do I want to do more? Go to what my friends and I call "Adult Summer Camp" aka High Sierra Music Festival. It's four days packed full of music, food, camping and copious amounts of good times. We have good times before breakfast and they continue until my lil feet tell me they need a break and then sometimes a few hours after that! Every night at High Sierra I curl up in my sleeping bag grinning from ear to ear, listening to the craziness around me and chuckling myself to sleep. For me, it's rejuvenation at it's finest and I can't imagine spending my July 4th any other way!

During Adult Summer Camp, along with many other times a year, I ponder on what freedom means to me. While many people complain about government nestling themselves into our every move, we have it pretty durn good here. I don't have anything to hide, so I'm not too worried about it. Matter-of-fact, worrying sure doesn't help any problems get solved. Moving right along out of the topic of politics and back to the topic of freedom. What's it mean to you?  How free do you feel from your own chains, your own limitations, your own beliefs? What's keeping you from being free? Is it your thoughts, your actions, your attitude, your reactions? The most important question is what moves are you making to give yourself the freedom you deserve?

I'm always asking myself these questions and hopefully will continue to do so until I'm done with this Kimmi suit. Being happy inside is the most important kind of happiness. If we aren't happy with ourselves, then who the heck else are we going to accept? How can I truly love someone else if I can't support my internal Kimmi-love? I could ask the same questions about forgiveness, honesty and respect. My recommendation to you (any myself of course) is to start with acceptance of where you are at this moment and move forward from there. Everyone is doing their best. While someone else's best might be subpar compared to yours, it's still all they can muster up. We all have days like that. Live with integrity, live with honesty, live with love. Allow the person people meet to be who you truly are. It takes work to have freedom but life just keeps getting better the more freedom I find. Even freedom to dress up like Super Banana Woman with my buddies at High Sierra Summer Camp! Celebrate your freedom this week and beyond!
Kimmi Moake is a local business owner and health food expert.

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