"Hurricane Preparedness for Pets" by Lillian Sikorski

"Hurricane season is upon us and hopefully you are prepared. As you are stocking up on necessary items, remember that your pets also need shelter and their own survival kit.

Where will you go if you have to evacuate? Now is the time to research your evacuation area. If a hotel or motel is in your plan contact them now to learn their pet policies. If pets are not allowed, ask for a list of kennels in the area. If you plan on boarding your pet in the evacuation area, research what medical records are required.

Consider having your pet microchipped. Veterinarians, shelters and rescue groups usually scan microchips before beginning a traditional search for lost pets. Your veterinarian can explain the procedure and benefits of microchips.

Your pet's survival kit should include the following:
1) Proof of current vaccinations and medical history
2) Have a current picture of your pet for identification purposes
3) ID tags are current including correct contact information, however do not rely on tags
4) Bordetella is current (you may have to board your pet)
5) An additional supply of your pet's medication
6) Heart worm preventative
7) Flea/Tick preventative
8) At least a three week supply of dog food
9) Bowls for water and food
10) Additional water
11) leashes, harnesses, and collars
12) Favorite blankets, beds, toys, and chew bones
13) Your pet's crate or kennel
14) Dry shampoo, there may be a shortage of water
15) Waste bags for fecal matter
16) Paper and cloth towels
Pets that become anxious during stormy weather can become very stressed if a hurricane or its remnants are in their area. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a sedative or medication to calm them if needed and include it in your pet's hurricane kit.

Do not plan to board your pet at a local veterinarian, kennel, or have your pet sitter care for your pet if you evacuate. They have to prepare and evacuate as well. You are solely responsible for your pets so be prepared and complete your pet's hurricane kit today."
Lillian Sikorski is a local business owner and professional dog trainer.


Pat Lahtinen said…
Good inf. But so much!
Anonymous said…
We always make reservations at an inland motel several days before we're sure we'll have to evacuate, and confirm that they'll accept our dogs. If the storm changes direction, you can always cancel the reservations, with or without a charge for the first night depending on what you negotiated. Watch out for motels that say they'll take dogs but don't ask about the weight, or you may find that they assume that your dog is under 20 lbs., and announce abruptly that they have a size limit. Motels that cater to hunters often have liberal dog policies.

Lillian's a great dog trainer, by the way.

Wendy Laubach
Anonymous said…
If you are going to be out of town & have your pet boarding locally, please make sure you have someone who is willing to come to the facility & take your pet with them in case there is an evacuation. Let the facility know in writing who you have authorized to pickup your pet & be sure to leave their name & phone numbers with the facility; it's also a good idea to give your friend a copy of the letter giving them permission to pickup your pet. You never know when weather conditions can change. Please be sure you have the most current copy of their medical records with the pet because the clinics will not be able to fax the records to any facility cause we won't be here either. Definitely check with the motels/hotels or boarding facilities for their vaccine requirements, you can get some costly surprises if you don't.

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