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3 Recommendation Needed | Still No Birds...

Hi Friends, It's been a whole 10 days now, and still no birds...I was wondering if anyone would have any tips. I'm in an apartment, so I can't really have running water, like some sites have suggested. We have many sparrows and cardinals in the area, that I can see flying...by...but don't stop. (Should I put out a vacancy sign?) ...I have tried shelled sunflowers and hauled sunflowers.

A humming bird came to see what the red was...I felt so bad...I ran downstairs and made some fresh hummingbird food (let it cool of course) and put my hummingbird feeder out too...but then the ants came, and I had to remove it. 

Boo hoo...my luck with the birds hasn't been great. Thoughts? Any secrets I should know? Thanks, Alice



I find that the window feeders are not very productive.....I have one and the only thing that uses it is a Tufted Titmouse....I have 3 other feeders hanging from trees and have anywhere from 10 to 20 doves sparrows and cardinals off and on all day long in my feeders...Sorry but I don't think that window feeder is going to work for you....

James Fox


Thanks so much for your reply, James. Growing up, up North window feeders were all we had. We has all sorts of birds, Cardinals, Finches, Tufted Titmouses (mice?), Grosbeaks....Maybe the Southern birds are a bit more particular....Hm...Thanks again!


Happy to report I finally have birds!!! A House sparrow and some cardinals! yay! I'm very happy!! :)

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