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0 Book Recommendation | "So Much Pretty" by Cara Hoffman | by Karen T.

Compelling. I can think of no better definition of this word than the lengthy explanation spun throughout this novel. The book is told through several characters, and even though it is not told chronologically, the telling of the story does not require it. Cara Hoffman's ability to breathe words into feelings is so instinctual in how the parents describe their daughter, Alice. Her prose is like poetry.

There is a dark undercurrent throughout the book, as it begins with the disappearance and murder of a young woman in a small town. This book talks of generation gaps, the environment, class, sexism, and even race; not solving or creating problems, but speaking of them as a matter of course, yet showing us how we as people can be so cruel to others while professing humanity."

This book will truly put your emotions through the wringer. And you will cry. You will laugh. You might even see a little bit of yourself you don't quite like. And you will not be able to put this book down. And when you are through, you will immediately recommend it to a friend. - Karen T.

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