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2 "Chasing Ice" | Documentary Recommendation by Barbara Gurtner

Thank you, Pat Romero, for sharing this with me. Now I’m sharing it with all of you! - Barbara

In spring 2005, famed National Geographic photographer James Balog took off to film glaciers around the Arctic, to capture images of an ever-changing landscapes. His idea was to set up cameras with timers to film the slow moving glaciers over 3 years to watch them “move."

This beautiful documentary is filled with breath-taking scenes, and breath-stopping shots of James as he takes these spectacular photos. What started as an assignment of interest for this team of photographers became monumental as glaciers that had changed little in hundreds and thousands of years moved miles. That two of the team were in the right place at the right time to film a piece of ice the size of Manhattan calve from a glacier is incredible.

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, what you’ll see in “Chasing Ice” will amaze you.

I was able to stream it through Netflix. Have heard it’s also available through Yahoo and you may find it other places as well. It’s won over 30 awards from film festivals around the world. www.chasingice.com



Thank you for recommending this excellent film to your reading audience. It's one of the most significant of our time--and tells a story some of us are reluctant to hear, but which must be heard.


Yes, thank you Barbara. It's amazing to think there are people out there that still deny science.

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