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6 Local Business Seeks to Donate Fabric Samples

Our local business has a full fabric library that turns over frequently and we are seeking a place to donate our out-dated fabric samples and books. The swatches could be used for quilting or small sewing projects. We have quite an extensive quantity available in all types of fabrics and patterns. If anyone has any thoughts on whom may benefit from these samples, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks! Jacalun



Artlink is going on at the art center...I'm sure the kiddos could use the extra samples. Also, don't forget about the local artist community. TONS of local fiber and mixed media artists could use the samples!!


Could be school art supplys. Limited money at public as well as private.


I have taken up sewing and would love any of this to aid in my learning as well as to use on the clothing pieces sew for my twin girls.


My mother is a member of the Rockport quilting guild. They make quilts for charity that are used in the community
Please contact them at http://piecemakersbythebay.org/


My mother loves quilting and sewing. She does some volunteer work at the Golden Needle in town. If someone else can use it then please go ahead but I would love to get a few pieces if possible.


thank you very much. I have reached out to this organization, and hope they can stop by soon.

many thanks!

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