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Thank you so much Margo for sharing your background with the WWN Readers! We are lucky to have such dynamic folks such as yourself among us in Rockport-Fulton!

1. Where and how did you grow up?

Until age 10, my family moved from one army base to another in many different states. Then my parents separated and my mother moved us to Long Beach, NY, on Long Island. Shortly after, we experienced Hurricane Donna and I became enthralled with the power of the ocean. I spent all my free time at the beach, swimming, jogging on the boardwalk and hanging out at the rides and the various concessions. For the few years in my life that I have not lived in seaside communities, I always felt a little claustrophobic. Being able to view the waves and horizon is my idea of serenity.

2. How did your upbringing affect what you do today?

My mother raised my sister, brother and I as a single mother. WWII had interrupted her education in Eastern Europe when she escaped the Nazis. It was very important to her for us to have a profession. I had always loved animals, and was encouraged to become a veterinarian. I found that I was not cut out for medicine and quit after the first year of pre-vet med. I spent 7 years working in a fabric design studio and technical theater, but found that it was too transient to carry me the rest of my life. I went to architecture school, graduated in 1980, completed my 3-year apprenticeship, but never got a license. I found that I didn't fit in a corporate environment and could practice my profession as a designer without a license. I always had the image in the back of my mind of my best friend's father, who had a drafting board in the living room and was able to work at home and be with his family. This is how I raised my daughter.

3. What brought you to Rockport-Fulton and how does it differ from where you lived previously?

After graduating from High School, I lived in NYC for 10 years, Queens, Brooklyn and parts of Long Island. I had hoped to move back to Long Beach, but it got so expensive all over Long Island to own property that I realized I would have to find another way to live near the beach. My brother and his wife and their young daughter lived in Corpus Christi. While visiting them I discovered Rockport and decided it was THE place for my daughter to grow up. I loved the artistic emphasis, being in a tourist town, as Long Beach was, and being near so many wildlife refuges. Best of all, it was affordable, and there was a need for my business here as Rockport was in a growing spurt. Having family nearby was a big plus too, as my mother had left NY and moved to Australia many years before. We moved to Rockport in 1994 and found our own place in Fulton in 1998 and have been there ever since.

4. What are your passions?

My daughter Laura, who just graduated from college, has been the light of my life. She would tell you that I care more about the dogs, cats and horses that I have rescued, and that I am going to be one of those "cat ladies", but I am just hoping she learned something from helping those who cannot help themselves. I have always wanted a horse and living in this area has allowed me the opportunity to have a little piece of property and live near the beach. It is the first place I have lived that I feel like I belong since I left Long Beach 45 years ago. I enjoy riding my horse on the trails in the undeveloped areas of Fulton. I drive by the water at least once a day, when I am not actually going to the beach. I love my work drawing buildings in the old way with pencil and paper on a drafting board. In fact, I am happiest when I am working with my hands.


Gayle said…
Yahoo, Margo...truly a delightful, big-hearted dear individual. She didn't mention how much time and energy she has devoted to the Senior Center. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us in Rockport & Fulton.
Anonymous said…
Margo, from one "animal person" to another,
you are a wonderful asset to our community and I hope you continue to enjoy doing what you love.

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