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0 Pet Adoption | Rockport-Fulton Humane Society: "Esther"--No Ordinary House Cat Here!

We are rerunning Esther! After a few years at the Humane Society Ester STILL NEEDS a loving home. Who's going to take this rare, lovely lady home with them?!
I'm Esther, and I'm no ordinary house cat. I'm a FEMALE orange tabby. Did you know that 75%-80% of the orange (or yellow or red) tabby cats are male? You don't see a girl orange tabby every day. You can tell a tabby cat by the stripes, dots, lines or swirls that are part of our fur coat pattern. We usually have a distinctive "M" pattern on our forehead too. We come in lots of colors but I think orange is the prettiest, even if I say so myself.

That's just one reason why I'm special. I have an exotic family background too. My ancester is the African Wild Cat, but I'm not wild at all. In fact, I'm a sweet young girl looking for a lap and home to call my own.

Come by the Humane Society on Myrtle Street and let me show you how well I can fit on your lap and maybe go home with you. Just don't confuse me with the other orange tabbies in the cattery. There are four of them but they are all boys. They're nice cats as boys, but wouldn't you rather have that unusual 1 feminine feline out of 5--the one named Esther, that's me!

Fulton Texas 78358

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