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1 "Poetess in Rockport" by Barbara Gurtner + AUDIO SAMPLE

Last Thursday night I met a poetess who is visiting Rockport. Rebecah Hall shared with me a number of her poems that she recorded in the UK. One of my favorites is ‘Grandmother’s Way’ which she has allowed me to share with you.

Rebecah’s Grandmother, Dorothea, was born on the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma, grew up in Texas and was the most hard-working and wisest woman Rebecah has known.

The music and drumming are by Rebecah’s friends Keith and Jane Adams from the UK. Keith Adams wrote the composition (Rebecah thinks he must have been a Native American in a past life). Keith also makes cedar flutes, one of which he is playing in the recording. His wife, Jane is drumming.

Please enjoy “Grandmother’s Way’ by Rebecah Hall. We who have been fortunate to meet her are hoping that she’ll stay with us in Rockport, at least a good while longer.

Click the PINK Button to Play. (May not be accessible from some mobile devices.)

Direct Link To Sound Page: http://snd.sc/159jmVy

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Oh I just love this, Barbara!! The sounds are so meditative and soothing! =)

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