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A Quick Snapshot from Ramona's Work Computer!
If you live in Rockport, chances are this is a familiar face! Thank you Ramona for sharing a little bit about yourself with your WWN friends!

I grew up in Portland, Texas just twenty minutes down the road and am a multi-generational Texan. My mother had a catering business that she ran out of the family home and everyone in the family was involved assisting with the catering. I baked cakes and lugged around catering equipment to the local churches from a very young age!

My parents divorced when I was in the eighth grade so I then lived was a single mom with 3 children. She was a very smart woman and went back to college to earn her degree in Computer Science. While she was in college, it was a struggle for all of us and it had a profound impact on my life choices.

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I did not want to go through what she did, so I got my college degree right out of high school and put myself through college by waiting tables. Shortly after I earned my degree, I landed a teaching job in Rockport, which is how I wound up here!

My husband Craig and I decided to open Latitude 28'02' Restaurant and Art Gallery in Rockport after being offered a wonderful opportunity by some close, local friends. It's been a challenge but a wonderful experience.

I waited a long time to have my daughter and now my true passion is enjoying time with my family!



Latitude 28'02' Restaurant is consistently good! The food is excellent and the service is wonderful. I always recommend it to out-of-town company to Rockport. I am happy to know Ramona's story.


We love your restaurant! Especially for our Tuesday happy hours. The ambience, food and staff are amazing!


Going to Latitudes is a special dining experience for us. Whenever we need to reward ourselves, we go to Latitudes. Whenever we have friends or relatives visiting, we go to Latitudes. The food is exquisite and the service impeccable! The wine list is one of the best in the area. We love it!

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