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6 Recommendation Needed | Emergency Pet Care, Off Hours and Weekends

A few weeks ago our indoor/outdoor cat suddenly came home with a very bad, sore on her head and was acting lethargic. We were positive that she was bit by something. We love this cat like family, and immediately planned on taking her to the vet STAT. Unfortunately, this was a Saturday evening, and as most of you know trying to find an emergency vet on a Saturday evening is near impossible around here. We ended up video chatting with a vet friend of mine in Georgia, and she helped us out BIG TIME--saving us worry and panic. My question to you all is...Does anyone know of an emergency care for pets nearby? If something happens like this in the future, I want to be prepared. Thank you! Brenda



Corpus is the only one and they want your credit card when you walk in the door..........


Yikes!!...To help an animal huh...Do you know the name though? Just so I know?


It is called VCA OSO Creek Animal Hospital and Emergency Center. They are located at 7713 South Staples. Phone 994-1145.


Also, be advised that it's a long drive from Rockport (an hour?), and if your animal is in dire straights, you shouldn't waste any time heading out. They DO charge a lot, so be prepared, but they are specialists. They are really good at handling emergency care. I've been there twice with my cat for snakebite with good outcomes, although he's now down a few of his nine lives.
You can call them first to ask if the situation warrants coming in, and they will discuss it with you. You'll get a print out for home care and they will fax info to your vet.
If there's another choice for emergency care here I'd like to know, but so far I haven't found it.


How about in Victoria, isn't it about the same distance as the south side of Corpus?


Crosstown Animal Hospital, at Baldwin and Crosstown, in Corpus Christi, is open all day Saturday, and half a day on Sunday. Office visits are, last time I went, $16.00! No appointment, crowded, lots of Pitbulls, but, hey. Better than waiting until Monday, or paying the very high price at Oso Creek.
When you need a vet on the weekend, remember this place. They have really helped my dogs.

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