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4 Recommendation Needed | "Solar" Nails Referral

Fairly new in Rockport and am looking for place that does "solar" nails and also does a good job. I appreciate any positive referrals, and fairly recent. Thank you!
Solar nails are a particular kind of acrylic nails, made in pink and while to resemble French manicures.



Salon 35 does a wonderful job with Solar Nails. Ask for "E".


Thank you very much. I will give "E" a try.


I use Michael at Salon 35 for my pink & whites. I don't know if that is "solar", but I have been going to him for at least 2-3 years. He's the best!! "E" does my pedicures, also great!


yes,salon 35 member michael (15 years experience),nancy(9years experience) and E(3 years experience) do very nice job.They do regular fullset,solar fullset and pink and white solar nail,Also they do gel polish with manicure.:)salon 35 phone # is 361-729-8900.

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