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1 "A Simple Switch Took My Pain Away!" by Robin Johnson

About a year ago I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance...well I guess I should say I diagnosed myself. I was always sick to my stomach, and couldn't quite pin down the reason for it. I would have good days and bad days. Finally, at my wits end, I started to cut out the gluten rich foods from my diet, and replaced ingredients with things like almond flour, potato flour, corn meal, etc. At first, I resisted, A LOT....after all I was practically raised on white bread!--but as I began to feel better I didn't even miss it.

But things weren't suddenly perfect for me. The middle of the day was fine--I felt great! I had energy, spunk...but in the mornings and right before bed my stomach still hurt!...What could it be?? For weeks I scrutinized my diet, convinced that I had banished all gluten...until one day I was chatting with a friend of mine who is also gluten intolerant--actually she has Celiac disease, which can be a much more serious condition than an intolerance. So she really minds her Ps and Qs when it comes to gluten. One night over (gluten-free) cocktails, I spilled my frustrations to her about how I felt great in the middle of the day, but the mornings and right before bed were still bad. She shook her head in thoughtful understanding, and after I vented for a good while, she looked up at me and said "What type of toothpaste do you use?" "Toothpaste??" I said, "You mean toothpaste can have gluten in it??" Whoa. Incredulous, the next day I did some research and sure enough the type of toothpaste I was using had gluten in it! Who would have thought? My friend recommended Tom's brand. It's a preservative-free, GLUTEN-free!!, all natural brand.

Again, I resisted it. Gluten-free toothpaste...ewww. Surely it tastes like wall-paper paste. But no, in fact it's really good! You can't even tell the difference. So now a year later I am completely pain-free and happier than ever. Thought I would share this info with the Network, in hopes of passing on my friend's wonderful advice with a few other folks. I picked some up at Whole Foods the first time I tried it, in Austin, but now you can get it at HEB, right here in town!

Try it. It might just be what you need to be pain-free! - Robin Johnson

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I am sending this article to my daughter, as she has had strange stomach pains that she can't pinpoint the reasons for! This may be a difficult change in diet to make, but it sure sounds worth it!!

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