0 Barbara's Corner | 8/7/13

Happy Birthday, Leo!
8-Aug Bill Redman - Freeda Reilly - Nancy Howes - Tom Staley - Colin McBurney 9-Aug Diana Smith - Ramona Day - CJ Wax - Elsie Davison - Taylor Womack 10-Aug Jessica Boone - Dinah Bowman - Krystal Guillot 11-Aug Eloise Hennigan - Jerry Wyatt - Michelle Haldeman Simmons - Barbara Wyatt - Neil Brinkman 12-Aug Linda Delano - Sarah Hunt - Brenda Barnett 13-Aug Rose Marie Mauzy - Melanie Grabowske - John Liberti - Lola Dickey - Mary Lynn Painton 14-Aug Barbara Smith Morrison - Ginger Andrews 15-Aug John Williams - Mark Uhr - Bill Fisher

“Don't cry because it's over,
smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

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