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0 ADOPTED! Pet Adoption | George Will Sing for His Supper! Take Him Home Today!


Do You Want to Know a Secret? My name is George II and My Sweet Lord, I Need You. If you’re able to Handle With Care and Give Me Love, together we can figure out What is Life and continue Living in the Material World while walking on Cloud Nine. You see, Dear One, I’ve Got My Mind Set on You and I know that You Like Me Too Much, much more than an Old Brown Shoe. If You Belonged to Me, you’d be Not Alone Anymore and we could be Homeward Bound. No, It Won’t Come Easy, Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long, oh, please, Let It Be Me. I Want to Tell You, If Not For You, I’ll be So Sad. Isn’t It A Pity, that Here Comes the Sun, and I’m still Awaiting on You All. If you Think For Yourself, you’d realize that I’m at The End of the Line, you can Give Me Peace on Earth and because I Dig Love, I’ll Still Love You as much as I love Tandoori Chicken. Please come out and listen to my plea, after all, it’s not as if I Needed Someone to love me.

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street, Fulton Texas 78358

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