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Little Will is my name and I'm known as a BBC, or Basic Black Cat. Being Basic Black doesn't mean I'm not special though. Just as every woman should have a Basic Black Dress, every human should have a Basic Black Cat to bring them good luck.

I'm told some misinformed people think black cats are unlucky, but I've never seen any evidence to prove it--
just the opposite, in fact. For instance in Japan, black cats are thought to bring good luck. In Scotland, the arrival of a black cat to a home brings prosperity. In the British Midlands, black cats are given as wedding gifts because they bring good luck to the bride.

Imagine that! I could be a wedding present--now that would be special. In any case, I'm looking for someone to adopt me so I can bring good luck to them. I have great references from the Humane Society, am already neutered, and up-to date with my rabies shots. Do you know any recently married couples (or for that matter, long married couples? or single humans?) who would like a little bit of luck and a BBC? Please tell them about me.
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