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0 The World According to Bella | "A Lost Dinner"

The fillet board and knife were clean. Mr. C was confident he would catch a fish for dinner that night.

Several evenings a week Mr. C and I go out in the pontoon boat to our favorite fishing spot. I am always on high alert each time hoping to snap up a fish as he reels it in. Sometimes my behavior can annoy Mr. C with all my barking. I just get so excited seeing that dangling night crawler on the end when he casts out his line.

Last night Mr. C was was not his usual sharp self. Based on my past history you'd think he would have been more careful. Remember the fish episode from last winter? Our neighbor Paul had his walleye fillet cleaned ready to grill and placed it in a plastic bag in the snowbank, but left it unattended. Meanwhile fish scents in the frigid air sent me into a tizzy. In a flash I bounded over high piles of snow into his yard. I was able to snatch the fish fillet right out of the snowbank before Paul even noticed. But sadly, I was busted a short time later when Mr. C found an empty plastic bag and Paul was at our door. That night Mrs S shared our dinner with Paul. I stayed out of their way.

Well Mr. C was lucky and caught a fish yesterday. He docked the boat and left the squirming fish in the net laying on the floor of the boat. I jumped out of the boat onto the dock and we headed up the hill. Mr. C went in the garage to put away his rod. It was then it occurred to me that fish was still in the boat unattended. I quickly ran back down the hill and made a flying leap over the railing onto the boat off the dock.

I snatched that fish right out of the net and began chewing on it. It was then Mr. C ran down the hill yelling. I kept hearing "Drop it Bella! Drop it!!" He tried yanking the fish from my clenched jaws but I held on tight. It was a bitter and very messy struggle. Finally I gave in and dropped the fish. I was tired of listening to Mr. C’s yelling. He decided that the mangled mess of a fish was not worth an evening meal. In the end neither of us won and there were no extra doggie treats for me that night.

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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