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0 Pet Adoption | Are you ready for some football?

Charming Charlie here, just waiting for a game to start. No, he doesn’t want to watch or referee, he wants to PLAY! Problem is he’s no quite sure what position would best suit his abilities. With his stocky little body, he’d probably be good on the defensive line, maybe not and End-a little too much agility required, but Nose Tackle? That might be the perfect fit for this hound.

On the other hand, Charlie’s girth might be best served as an offensive lineman. He’d have to play Guard as catching a football is a little
out of reasonable range for a guy with no hands. Unless, of course, you’re setting up a Nerf Football team, but even then, Center would be out of the question.

As special as this charmer is, I’m not sure he’d qualify for a special team member either. Any punting this boy does is strictly accidental. Although…he can run really fast, so maybe he’d make a good Gunner.

Now, after careful consideration and reviewing the options available, we believe that this handsome fellow really should be the star of the team – the Starting Quarterback! Charlie’s charisma, attitude and upbeat manner, not to mention his gorgeous coat & face, make him a natural leader, one that the whole team or entire family will be eager to play with.

So head on down to the shelter & recruit your newest star player Charming Charlie!

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street, Fulton Texas 78358

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