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3 Pet Adoption | Bob Needs a Sheltering Home!

Hi, I'm Bob, the Rainmaker. I put on my fancy slicker when I want to make it rain. Maybe you saw my photo on the Humane Society's Facebook page a few weeks ago when I went on the record saying I thought it was going to rain--and it did! We got more rain in August than normal.

My human friends here at the shelter said they wanted more rain so I put on my good luck slicker to give it another try. Someone said they hoped it would rain cats and dogs? I think that would be too much. There are too many homeless pets already. I'm just hoping for an inch or two of the wet stuff.

Do you know where that phrase "raining cats and dogs" came from? No one knows for sure, but Jonathan Swift is thought to have first published the phrase back in 1738. Back then, it wasn't unusual to see dead cats and dogs floating in the streets of London after a big rainstorm and Mr. Swift wrote about it. Isn't that sad.

I'm glad the Humane Society took me in when I was homeless, but now I need a real home. Will you take me in from the rain? I'm not very big and won't take up much room. I'm very patient and will let you dress me up in just about any outfit. I'm ready to go, neutered, up-to-date on my rabies shot, and just waiting for the right person. What more could you ask for--just ask for Bob.

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street, Fulton Texas 78358



Wait,it's raining cats and dogs, I know because I just stepped in a poodle! Hahahahaha!


You had enough rain for a poodle, but we only saw a few spitz . . .


Bob has found his furever home and is now out of the rain!

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