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William Martin and his companion Mary are in their 80’s. Since 1996, they lived happily at Rockport Mobile Village and acquired several indoor/outdoor cat companions over the years. Each was spayed or neutered and vaccinated regularly. Three months ago, new Village management changed the rule for the number of pets allowed to four and the couple found homes for their cats with other Village residents.

What was a 4-Pet Limit Is Now 2

Devastating news arrived this month that management arbitrarily just lowered the number to two pets.  Mr. Martin is feeling particularly abandoned and alone since Mary must move out for nursing care and most of his kitty companions cannot stay with him or his Village neighbors.  He will be heartbroken if they have to go to Animal Control as they have been faithful companions for him and his wife in their later years.

Can you help this old couple find good homes for their nine kitties?  Here are three loveable companions.  The other six can be viewed on Facebook at

  • Cry Baby, fluffy 3.5 year old male with handsome black markings. Raised from birth and named by their niece who already has two pets and is equally upset about this.
  • Frosty, fluffy 5-year female with striking black and gray tabby stripes and white. Raised from near birth
  • Sugar, 6-year old blue-eyed female with Siamese markings, as sweet as her name.

All are affectionate, sociable, been around dogs and are good with children. Contact Elizabeth Tyson, their daughter, to meet any or all of the cats, at (361)790-4665 or by email at


Anonymous said…
The apartment complex is just arbitrarily allowed to change the terms and conditions of their lease like that? That seems like something they could I sure hope they have given them some time to find these wonderful cats homes. Not very good PR Rockport Mobile Village. ....Good luck finding them homes!! They are adorable.
Anonymous said…
I'm told the Village has month-to-month leases so that makes changes to terms very easy. Although the trailer is owned by the family, the land on which it sits is leased. At this age, moving is really not an option for Mr. Martin. It is just awful that this old gentleman has to deal with this situation at this time in his life.
Anonymous said…
What most of the folks in Rockport don't know is there were/are several individuals who have for lack of a better word been hoarding feral cats in this park. Several of the residents who didn't care for the large number of feral cats in that area were told if they complained to Animal Control or the Health Dept, they would be evicted. Well that's not fair to those who are trying to live in the park & with the city's rule of 4 pets per household. Animal Control was contacted & from there the owner of the park was notified. At one point in time my son lived in the park, he likes cats, but he said the area was filthy. It smelled like a huge litter box. The owners of the park have the right to enforce their own rules. Those feral cats weren't vaccinated, they spread diseases not only amongst themselves but to humans, plus they destroy the habitat for birds & other animals. The clean up is way over due.
Anonymous said…
Everything you say is true, but this article is not about feral cats or hoarders. This couple followed the rules, spayed or neutered and vaccinated their cats, and reduced their number down to four. Now the management changed the rule again to a smaller number than the city's rule of 4. Reread the article and you will see the new management was not criticized.
~Simply Liz~ said…
The cat problem had become an issue at the park but my parents whom this article is written have been there for over 20 years. A "clean up" as you say might be overdue but the cats in this article have all been spayed/neutered and receive veterinary care. They have spent a large amount of their time and money for years to find homes for as many cats and kittens as possible as well as taking countless ones in to be put down when it was best for the animal. So all we are trying to do is possibly find a home for Sissy, Frosty, Sugar, Sparky, Crybaby, Willie, Spice, Tiger and Bisquit who are all healthy and who have been a part of my parents lives for the past 12 years.
Anonymous said…
The cat problem in the park was being addressed by spaying and neutered and getting them vaccinated, they also received veterinary care then releasing them, It is very unfair to blame the smell totally on the cats..Their are raccoons, possums, dogs, deer and squirrels that run loose as well as cats and not to mention the smell that comes from the water dept that is located by the Rockport post office, tule creek does not smell like a bed of roses in the summer either where birds and water rats live, so their are a lot of variables that play into the smell around the Rockport Village Mobile Home blame only the cats is very unfair..the people that live and love the cats are very sadden that ownership has taken this stand against the cats, now mice and snakes have returned and their are no cats to keep them away. People have a choice as to where they want to live, if they did not like cats then why would they want to live in the park? why complain to animal control or the health dept? they can live anywhere they choose...Officer Burke told me that she had the cats she took she put down, some of them were fixed healthily cats and they died for no reason.. so if you think that is acceptable then I feel sorry for you as you must be a heartless person...
Anonymous said…
So its O.K. to drive around Rockport and see animals or dogs tied up to tress with no food or water. I have seen people drop off cats in the park in the middle of the night and speed off, because I live in the park. I myself have fed the cats because I will not let an animal suffer. They have just as much of a right to life as we as humans do. I was sad to see traps set so Animal Control could pick the cats up and more than likely destroy them, rather than adopt them out to a loving home. I do not know that for a fact, but that's what I feel happened. I myself have taken someone elses cat that was dropped in the park to a local vet in Rockport and had them put down and spent my own money because I did not want to see them suffer. I am guilty of feeding someone else pet again that was dropped off because they no longer wanted them. This is an open park anybody can drive in and zip right back out. So if we are going to blame anyone lets not blame the tenants who feed and care for someone elses animal. I hope if you are a person who has dropped an animal in our park, that you are reading this, because in my opinion, you are heartless, you don't deserve to own an animal and I hope you don't own a dog because if you do he is probably tied up to a tree with no food or water.

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