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0 Pet Adoption | Pepe Needs a Wonderful Woman or Man to Love Him!

Hello, my name is Pepe and introducing myself to y’all is a very big event for me. You see, as handsome and confident as I look, I’m really a very shy kind of guy. If you’re looking for the kind of companion that likes long walks on the beach, quiet candlelit dinners for two or how about lazy Sunday mornings reading the funny papers to each other while having breakfast in bed – well, I’m the guy for you! I wasn’t always so cautious of folks, but I’ve been here at the shelter for quite a while and believe you me, this place can get very chaotic. All this yelping and howling can really get on a guy’s nerves! Don’t get me wrong, the people here have taken very good care of me, there are several folks that I have really warmed up to.

These are the people who have gone out of their way to spend some time getting to know me, we walk & talk about this and that, they give me baths and we tell each other jokes. I get petted and they get kisses, but the best part is when I get treats – I LOVE treats. For these folks, I am more than happy to walk nice on the leash, sit still for a brushing, play tag and what makes us all feel special – sit on a lap and meditate. So, you see, I am a very good dog. I just need a little quiet home with gentle, caring furparents. Are you the special one looking for this special pup? If you think so, come on down to the shelter & meet me. We can go for a walk and you can tell me your latest joke – I promise not to groan.

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street, Fulton Texas 78358

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